Thursday, June 14, 2012


Selepas subuh tadi, Kjee baca luahan hati Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed dalam blog beliau. Orang kata Tun M seorang yang gagah berani. Bacalah apa yang ditakutkannya. It's something we must read!



1) Lim Kit Siang is reported to have said that I am working hard to ensure the Opposition will not win because I am afraid when the Opposition Government is in place, it will act against all my “misdeeds” when I was Prime Minister.
2) No doubt he is inspired by what happened to Gadaffi and Mubarak. He would love to see me dragged to the courts and sentenced to death or to at least a life sentence. Maybe like Gadaffi I would be murdered.
3) He is right. I am afraid. I am afraid of the kind of abuse of power that has already been shown by one of Pakatan’s great leader who got a senior police officer to frighten Dr Ristina and Ummi Hafilda into withdrawing Ummi’s letter to me.
4) I am afraid of the fabrication of charges so as to put me behind bars. That I am innocent would be irrelevant. What is important is Kit Siang’s satisfaction at seeing me behind bars and more.
5) Other than this I am not afraid. I had always been careful not to abuse the power I had as PM because I was mindful of having to step down and lose power at some stage. If I had abused power my detractors would gleefully expose me and strive to put me behind bars.
6) In fact this has been tried.
7) Since retiring I have been questioned by the police and the AG’s office several times. I was also made to appear before a tribunal to be questioned by all and sundry, including representatives of the Bar Council.
8) So far nothing could be pinned on me.
9) The anti-corruption people can even now investigate whether I have ever received illegal gratifications, whether I have detained or thrown people into jail for personal reasons, whether I benefitted personally from any of the projects carried out during my time.
10) I have not taken anything that is not mine. In fact all gifts given to me, many very valuable, have been given to the Government including a score of expensive cars. They can be seen in Langkawi or at the old PM’s house in KL. I must admit that I ate some of the fruits given me to prevent them from going bad.
11) I had not allowed my children to do business with the Government or to be candidates in elections though they have been offered several times when I was PM and President of Umno. Only after I stepped down did I allow Mukhriz to contest.
12) Whatever money I now have is from savings during 29 years in the Government. My salaries were not big. But the Government took care of my housing, water and electricity, my travels. I don’t even spend much on food as I get invitations to functions like weddings etc.
13) I was therefore able to save my pay and allowances.
14) Except for Mirzan, my children did not get any scholarships. I believe Mirzan paid back what he owed MARA. He had the scholarship before I became a Minister, in fact when I was expelled from UMNO.
15) I have bought or been given no shares except for 200 Malayan Tobacco shares I bought long before I joined the Government. Other shares are the Unit Trusts issued by PNB and State Governments which I was obliged to buy. I own shares in MICO pharmacy in Alor Star which I set up when I was a private practitioner.
16) I am not interested in getting rich or living a life of luxury. What I have now is far more than I had hoped for when I was dreaming as a student. I am grateful to Allah for what I have and for sparing me to live this long.
17) I am ready to go when my time comes. I am conscious that all that I have will not accompany me to the grave.
18) But for as long as I can I will work hard to prevent evil people and crooks from destroying this country that I love.


  1. almost cry baca benda ni Kak Jee, Allah maha adil, saya sedih dengan keadaan dengan sebilangan rakyat Malaysia yang x tahu nak bersyukur....

  2. Menitik airmata baca last paragraph..
    Terima Kasih Dr.M.

  3. Menitik airmata baca last paragraph..
    Terima Kasih Dr.M.

  4. Semoga Allah panjang kan umur Tun dan merahmati kehidupan beliau, saya amat menyanyangi dan megagumi beliau.Saya membesar di tangan pemerintahan beliau.

  5. Luahan dari seorang negarawan yang tulus ikhlas dan bukan seorang yang hipokrit dan berpura-pura.

    Tidak seperti setengah orang yang berselindung dan bertopengkan agama dan jubah. Keberanian dan kejujurannya terserlah sudah.

  6. You're my idol forever,TUN M...Anisah

  7. Huwaa....sedihnya...

    Ramai yang sayang sangat kat Tun. Paling sedih Tun kata dia makan buah hadiah sebelum busuk.

    Saya dah gi Langkawi Galeria Perdana. Punyalah banyak hadiah. Staff kat sana kata memang tak cukup ruang nak letak semua. Selalunya dorang rotate barang display tu. Siapa dah gi taulah kan kereta F1 pun ada..

    Semoga panjang umur Tun. We love u

  8. Still wish that he could be our GREAT PM during this critical stage.....

  9. Satu je nk puji Che det ni... skandal mandal dgn betina mmg takde... dr segi tu dia clean... tp hopefully Che det nasihat la anak pompuan tunggal tu ... nmpknya dh kona jauh dr jln yg ayah dia pilih... walaupn usia dia dh tahap gone case

  10. Sangat sayang dengan Tun. Love u foreverrr. Semuga Tun panjang umur dilindungi Allah selalu. Pemimpin yang baik senyuman sentiasa terpancar di wajah mereka walau dalam apa jua situasi. Hati yang baik akan terpancar diwajah mereka.

  11. Sedih baca luahan hati Tun kali ni. Sy lahir semasa Tun sudah pun menjadi PM. Dari dulu hingga kini, beliau sentiasa menjadi idola untuk saya terus berjaya.

    Semoga Tun dirahmati dan dilindungi Allah sehingga ke akhir hayat..

  12. Kak Jee, almost cried at the last para. Moga Allah merahmati kehidupan Tun sekeluarga dan moga kita bangsa MELAYU bersatu demi bangsa kita sendiri walau apapun berbeza fahaman politik.

  13. Dari dulu saya cukup menyayangi Tun M.. saya cukup berbangga ada anak melayu seperti beliau. Semoga Allah akan sentiasa memudahkan segala kebaikan yang akan dilakukannya lagi.. InsyaAllah

  14. Kak Jee, few years back when I used to travel to Bangladesh for business, the Banglas selalu puji and even worshipped Tun M....bangga sesangat jadik orang Msia. Diorang tak tau Twin Towers, or anything else abt Msia, but they know Dr Mahathir. They said Tun M is a hero for Asian Muslim sebab berjaya membangunkan Msia mcm sekarang. And they wish they had a leader like him. Tapi sedih, org kita sendiri lebih byk memburuk2kan Tun M, daripada berterima kasih dgn beliau....

  15. True indeed..Tun Siti Hasmah once penah meluahkan,org skrg lebih tahu mengkritik dan mengutuk Tun M,tanpa memikirkan penat lelah beliau membangunkan Malaysia..Allah lindungi Tun M..amin...