Sunday, July 24, 2011


Kjee mula2 mengenali penyanyi ni melalui Unclepali. Satu malam Kjee tengah tidur apabila Kjee dengar Unclepali mainkan lagu Back To Black. Melodynya cukup catchy. Kjee tanya siapa penyanyinya, Unclepali kata Amy Winehouse. 

Penyanyi lama ker, dalam mamai2 tidur, masih boleh bertanya. Penyanyi baru, kata Unclepali. Masa tu umur dia lebih kurang 22 tahun. Kenapa? tanya Unclepali. Hmm muzik dia macam muzik lama.

Sejak itu, Kjee seringkali ikuti perkembangan Amy. Seorang yang giler2. Terbabit dalam pengambilan najis dadah dan juga seorang pemabuk tegar. Lagu2nya sedap2.

Kematiannya di usia 27 tahun, adalah akibat cara dia mengamalkan cara hidup yang tidak sihat iaitu melalui pengambil dadah dan juga alkohol.

Sayang sangat. Ada bakat tapi sia2kan hidup.

Album Back To Black telah memenangi 5 hadiah Grammy!

Singer Amy Winehouse, 27, has been found dead at her north London home.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that a 27-year-old woman had died in Camden and that the cause of death was as yet unexplained.
London Ambulance Service said it had been called to the flat at 1554 BST and sent two vehicles but the woman died.
The troubled singer had a long battle with drink and drugs which overshadowed her recent musical career. She pulled out of a comeback tour last month.
Last month, the north Londoner pulled out of the European tour after she was jeered at the first gig in Serbia for appearing too drunk to perform.
For 90 minutes, she mumbled through parts of songs and at times left the stage - leaving her band to fill in.
Winehouse had won widespread acclaim, aged 20, with her 2003 debut album, Frank.
Worldwide stardom
But it was 2006's Back to Black which brought her worldwide stardom, winning five Grammy Awards.
Rumours of Winehouse's death began circulating on Twitter on Saturday evening. Among those to comment was former prime minister's wife Sarah Brown.
"Sad sad news of Amy Winehouse - great talent, extraordinary voice, and tragic death, condolences to her family," she tweeted.
Daily Telegraph rock critic Neil McCormick said he was "utterly shocked" at her death.
He said she had appeared focused when giving an "incredible performance" for a recent studio recording of a duet with Tony Bennett.
"It's deeply sad. It's the most completely tragic waste of talent that I can remember," he added.
At the time she pulled out of the tour, her spokesman said: "Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances.
"Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen."


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